Worship Ministry

Altar Servers

Students in grades 4 – 12 assist celebrants before, during and after Mass. Altar servers are scheduled to serve approximately once each month. Contact Mary Jones at altarserver@stfrancisweston.org or Father Jeff at 203-227-1341 or frcouture@stfrancisweston.org.

Arts and Environment

The Ministry of Arts and Environment lends beauty to the house of God and inspires those who gather for worship. It takes on the task of creating an environment and preparing the sacred space for Sunday Mass, throughout the liturgical seasons, for holy days such as Christmas and Easter, and for special celebrations.  If you are interested in helping or would like more information, please contact Joan Curran at environment@stfrancisweston.org.

Eucharistic Ministers

After a period of preparation, the pastor can designate interested parishioners as Eucharistic Ministers, who assist in the distribution of Holy Communion on Sundays and holy days, as well as bring Communion to the homebound or hospitalized. We invite adults and teens (17 years of age and older) to share in this pivotal ministry. If interested, please contact Peggy Shaeffer at ministers@stfrancisweston.org.


Each lector has the opportunity to proclaim the Scriptures approximately once a month; new lectors are always welcome. We invite adults and teens to experience the joy of proclaiming the Word of God! If interested, please contact Chris Eidt at lectors@stfrancisweston.org.

Liturgical Dance

Dance as an art form is invigorating; dance incorporated into the liturgy is spiritually enlightening! We invite you to experience the joy of Liturgical Dance! If interested, please contact Peg Bisceglie @dance@stfrancisweston.org.


As St. Augustine tells us, ‘Singing is praying twice!” The Ministry of Music inspires us to do just that!  Specific hymns are selected by our Director of Music; cantors are present at three weekend Masses, on holy days and special celebrations. In addition, we invite children, teens and adults to experience the joy of prayer through music and singing.  If interested in any of the opportunities below, please contact Don Rickenback at drickenback@stfrancisweston.org.

St. Francis Singing Ensemble: An all-inclusive group who worships and sings as one choir for Christmas and Easter. Singers of all ages, cultures and abilities are invited and welcomed.

St. Francis Children’s Choir: Our parish is blessed with many beautiful and enthusiastic children. Their choir has inspired our liturgies with their vibrant voices for Christmas and Easter and special liturgical celebrations.

Ushers and Greeters

Ushers and greeters administer the activities of the Mass by welcoming parishioners and guests to the church, locating seats, selecting Offertory bearers, leading the Communion procession, taking up the offertory collection, and distributing the weekly bulletins. They serve on Sundays, holy days such as Christmas and Easter, and at other liturgical celebrations during the year.We invite women and men, teens and adults to serve the Lord and our parish community!
If interested, please contact email ushers@stfrancisweston.org or contact Steve Odierna at worship@stfrancisweston.org.