Workshop – Knowing How to Support Resilience in Your Child

Date: November 2, 2016
Time: 9:15 am


Knowing How to Support Resilience in Your Child

This is the second workshop in our series on the Resilient Child. It has been created for you to gain information on building upon the components of resiliency in an age appropriate way. Once you have the seven components, how do you use and find appropriate language and activities to ensure you are building the connections in their development?

Margaret Dana Conway, a child development specialist, Educational Consultant and Professor at NCC College, will be presenting this informative workshop to give you the “DO’s” in building and applying resiliency in each age level.

Date:  November 2, 2016

Time:  9:15am

Place:  SFA Religious Ed. Classroom

Margaret is a wonderful resource and entertaining speaker and has been my mentor for years. She will give you practical sound advice to help you understand your child and set them in the direction of becoming a strong and “resilient” happy adult.

Please RSVP to the preschool office 203-454-8646.